Hillary Clinton Signs Book Deal With Simon & Schuster

Posted on February 3, 2017

Hillary Clinton 2017 author photo

Hillary Clinton just inked a new book deal with Simon & Schuster. Secretary Clinton is writing a book of essays which are inspired by her favorite quotations that she has collected over the years. Secretary Clinton said in a statement, "These are the words I live by.

Secretary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, won the popular vote by three million votes, but lost the electoral college count to Donald Trump in one of the most vicious campaigns in American history. Since her defeat, Secretary Clinton has mostly kept out of the limelight. Save for a few sightings in the woods of Chappaqua and visits to see a show on Broadway, she has mostly remained silent about the new political era.

But she's been busy deciding what to do next with her life. She explained how this book came together, "These quotes have helped me celebrate the good times, laugh at the absurd times, persevere during the hard times and deepen my appreciation of all life has to offer...I hope by sharing these words and my thoughts about them, the essays will be meaningful for readers." Simon & Schuster says she will talk about the campaign and the future of the United States under a Trump presidency.

Simon & Schuster's President & Publisher Jonathan Karp had this to say: "For the past 21 years, the Gallup survey has ranked Hillary Rodham Clinton as the most admired woman in the world, and there are at least 65 million people in the United States who agree. We think a lot of them are going to want to hear her stories."

We have no doubt that he is right. The book will hit stores in the fall of 2017.

Photo: Simon & Schuster

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