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Here are the latest posts about Hillary Clinton on Writers Write:

  • Hillary Clinton's Book What Happened Arrives in Stores (2017-09-12): Hillary Clinton has released her memoir, What Happened. She explains what happened in the controversial and confusing 2016 presidential election.

  • Hillary Clinton Signs Book Deal With Simon & Schuster (2017-02-03): Hillary Clinton has signed a book deal with Simon & Schuster. She will write a book of essays based on quotations that helped her through tough times

  • Bernie Sanders Inks Book Deal With St. Martin's Press (2016-07-14): Bernie Sanders just inked a deal with Thomas Dunne Books. The book will lay out his agenda for America's future and will be released just after the election.

  • SNL Cold Open: Jason Sudeikis Returns as Mitt Romney (2016-03-06): Jason Sudeikis returns as Mitt Romney in hilarious SNL Cold Open. Mittens has a strong message for Donald Trump.

  • Hillary Clinton Named Winner of the Iowa Democratic Caucuses (2016-02-02): Hillary Clinton has officially been named the winner of the Iowa Democratic caucuses.

  • Hillary Clinton Calls on Congress to Lift Cuba Embargo (2015-08-01): Hillary Clinton called on the trade embargo against Cuba to lifted at a speech on Friday in Florida.

  • Hillary Clinton's New Book, Hard Choices, is Effectively Banned in China (2014-06-30): Hillary Clinton's new memoir of her time as Secretary of State, Hard Choices, has been effectively banned in China. No publisher will touch the book which is critical of China.

  • Hillary Clinton Draws Huge Crowd for Booksigning at Barnes and Noble in Manhattan (2014-06-10): Hillary Clinton launched her book tour for Hard Choices today at the Barnes and Noble in Manhattan. Hundreds of people waited for hours for a chance to meet her.

  • Hillary Clinton's New Memoir, Hard Choices, Arrives in Bookstores on June 10th (2014-04-21): Hillary Clinton's new memoir is called Hard Choices. The title was revealed by publisher Simon & Schuster.

  • Hillary Clinton is the Keynote Speaker at the AAP Annual Meeting (2014-02-28): Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the keynote speaker at the annual meeting of the Association of American Publishers. She has a new memoir coming out this Spring.

  • President Obama and Hillary Clinton Have Lunch at The White House (2013-08-01): President Obama and Hillary Clinton enjoyed a private lunch at The White House

  • Hillary Clinton Joins Twitter (2013-06-10): Hillary Clinton has joined Twitter. She thanks users asmith83 and sllambe in her first tweet.

  • Hillary Clinton Inks Book Deal With Simon and Schuster (2013-04-04): Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has inked a deal with Simon & Schuster for a new book which will discuss her experiences as Secretary of State and will present her ideas for the U.

  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: U.S. Condemns Violence in Libya Against Protesters (2011-02-22): Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said today that U.

  • Caroline Kennedy Withdraws From Senate Competition (2009-01-21): In a surprise move, Caroline Kennedy has withdrawn her name from consideration to fill Hillary Clinton's senate seat.

  • Gallup: Most Americans Back Hillary for Secretary of State (2008-11-20): This will be devastating news to Chris Matthews: a new Gallup poll shows that most Americans are in favor of Hillary Clinton becoming Barack Obama's Secretary of State.

  • Hillary Clinton Rocks the Convention (2008-08-26): Wearing a bright orange pantsuit, Hillary Clinton took the stage at the Democratic convention and gave the speech of her life.

  • Obama's 3 AM Phone Text Message: A Last Swipe at Hillary (2008-08-23): Barack Obama's campaign sent out a text message at 3:00 a.

  • DNCC Announces Keynote Convention Speakers (2008-08-11): The Democratic National Convention Committee announced the lineup of keynote speakers at the Democratic National Convention.

  • Hillary and Barack Board the Unity Express (2008-06-27): Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton held a rally today in Unity, New Hampshire, where they both received 107 votes.