Candace Bushnell Tells it Like it Is

Posted on September 15, 2005

She's moved on from Sex and the City, where the women obsessed about dating. Now, in her new book, Lipstick Jungle, Candace Bushnell writes about women in their forties who are successful in business. On her book tour, she talked about her changing view on how she writes women characters.

Candace tells Fox News, "I think what I'm really trying to say is people should do what works best for them and shouldn't be constrained by gender. If there are women who want to go out and work and be the breadwinner, that's great."

Candace also says women don't need men to provide self-esteem and self worth. She says. "If I were a man, and a woman was looking at me for those things, it's too much pressure! No wonder men freak out. It's too much pressure."

In other interviews, Candace declared that "success is the new sex" and that "women don't want to marry Mr. Big anymore, they want to be Mr. Big."

She is really amazingly quotable.

Image: Hyperion

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