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  • Author Alice Hoffman Criticizes Book Critic on Twitter (2009-06-29): The L.

  • Michael Chabon and the Many Genres (2007-04-30): Michael Chabon discusses his new book, The Yiddish Policemen's Union, a novel which imagines what would have happened had a real proposal to relocate persecuted World War II Jews to Alaska had actually happened.

  • Street Lit Moves to the Mainstream (2006-02-13): The New York Times has an interesting article about a new subgenre of books: street lit.

  • Joanne Harris Talks Gentlemen & Players (2005-10-08): Joanne Harris, author of Chocolat and Coastliners, chats with The Independent (UK) about her new novel, Gentlemen & Players, which is set in a British public school (what we would call a private school in America).

  • Candace Bushnell Tells it Like it Is (2005-09-15): She's moved on from Sex and the City, where the women obsessed about dating.

  • Terry McMillan Talks About Life With A Man On the Down Low (2005-08-15): Terry McMillan, author of The Interruption of Everything (Viking) talked to Newsweek about how her nasty divorce proceedings have affected her writing.

  • Child Ballet Star Publishes First Novel at Age 18 (2005-02-03): For those parents whose teens are busy scribbling away in journals, a quick read of this Reuters report about a child ballet star who now has her first novel published at the age of 18 may be in order.

  • Sharyn McCrumb and the NASCAR Drivers (2005-02-01): The Roanoke Times interviewed bestselling author Sharyn McCrumb whose latest book project had New York editors reaching for their smelling salts.

  • Co-writing Suits Hackman Just Fine (2004-07-19): One normally thinks of Gene Hackman as a great actor -- he has won two Oscars so far, after all.