Technorati Considering Widget Ads?

Posted on April 25, 2007

TechnoratiTechnorati's widget survey has sparked some interest in the blogosphere. Marketing Shift posted their answers to some of Technorati's widget questions. ClickZ noticed the question that asked "Would you place a widget on your blog that displayed an ad?"
Technorati already offers bloggers an array of widgets. They mostly are blog-content related, such as listing top searches, link counts, and tags. Now, the company seems to be considering introducing widgets that display ads.

Or so you'd gather from a survey I just received (as a consumer -- not a journalist) from Technorati.

Coincidentally, I had a long chat last night with Technorati co-founder Peter Hirschberg. He didn't breathe a word about anything widget-related.
Technorati wants to know what the resistance would be to a widget that contained advertising. Most professional bloggers probably would not be happy with a widget that contained an ad because it would compete with other advertising already on their blogs. Technorati would probably need to offer to share some of the ad revenues to get people to use the widget.

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