Women Still Underrepresented on Alists

Posted on March 30, 2006

Kami Huyse at Overtone Communications blogs that only 10% of the blogs in the Top 50 spots on the Technorati 100 have women bloggers. It looks like she left out Cute Overload #38 by Megan Frost but that still only makes 12%. She also checked out the top 50 positions on the PR category list provided by PubSub.com and found women make up just 10% of that list as well. Here are the five that were in the top 50.

  • (15) New Communications Blogzine, Jennifer McClure
  • (20) Communications Overtones, Kami Huyse
  • (22) KD Paine's Measurement Blog, Katie Paine
  • (33) The Right Conversation, Amy Gahran
  • (43) Contentious, Amy Gahran

    Kami said, "I was floored. In an industry where women make up the bulk of the workforce, we were woefully under-represented in the top ranks of the PR Blogs." Kami also pointed to this list of women PR bloggers.

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