WGA Strikes Deal With 500 CBS News Workers

Posted on January 9, 2008

The WGA has reached a tentative contract deal with 500 CBS news employees. The unionized workers have been working without a contract for about three years. Variety says it now has to be ratified by a membership vote. The new contract would begin on April 1, 2010.

CBS issued the following statement: "We are gratified that a tentative agreement has been reached so that CBS and its valued WGA news employees can put this chapter behind us. Our focus throughout the process has been on reaching a fair agreement, and we think this contract is good for both sides."

The employees voted in November to authorize union leaders to call a strike which would have had a crippling effect on CBS news. We're glad they reached a deal. Alas, the AMPTP leaders have their heads stuck firmly in the sand, just hoping that the writers strike will go away. It won't until the AMPTP comes back to the bargaining table.

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