Walter Mosely Heads to Doubleday, Two More Easy Rawlins Books in the Works

Posted on October 5, 2011

Publisher's Weekly reports that Doubleday has added Walter Mosley to its list of high-profile authors. Doubleday purchased two more books in the Easy Rawlins series and one non-series novel. A tv show based on the Rawlins series is in the works.

The next Easy Rawlins book will hit bookshelves in 2013. The last book in the series was Blonde Faith in 2007, which was published by Little, Brown. Doubleday has brought Walter Mosley into the fold, acquiring two new books in the author's Easy Rawlins series, as well as a standalone novel. Gerald Howard bought world rights in the deal from Gloria Loomis at Watkins/Loomis. The standalone novel, scheduled for 2014, will be, per the publisher, a "noirish account of a porn star's determination to escape her dangerous milieu." The second Rawlins book in the deal is set for 2014. Howard edited some Rawlins books, years ago, when he was at Norton.

Mosley's last Easy Rawlins book is 2007's Blonde Faith, which was published by Little, Brown. The author launched the Rawlins series in 1990 and now, according to Random House, over 3.5 million books in the series have been sold worldwide. Also, a television series based on the character is currently in the works.

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