Walmart Canada Launches Walmart Live Better Magazine

Posted on April 16, 2013

Walmart Canada has partnered with Rogers Media to launch Walmart Live Better magazine. The publication is free at Walmart Canada Supercenters. It is also available online and for mobile devices. It has a one million print circulation.

The first issue of Walmart Live Better has a food section with more than 30 recipes. It also includes articles cover affordable backyard decor, gardening ideas, allergy relief tips, supplements, fashion tips for kids and overhauling a make-up bag. There is also an interview with Katie Schulz, Walmart's Mom of the Year.

Walmart Live Better editor-in-chief Sandra Martin said in a release, "Canadians want to be inspired by new ideas and stay on budget. With Walmart Live Better they don't have to make a choice. Our team of experts provide great ideas on how to make dollars go farther with style."

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