Vlogging Craze Starting to Emerge

Posted on July 13, 2005

Despite bandwith issues people are quickly jumping on the idea of vlogging. People are starting vlog services, placing their home videos online and developing community vlogging websites. A new Wired article discusses just a few of the many vlogs that have been started.

Wired defines vlogs as blogs that contain primarily short videos instead of text. The Wired article also points out that vlogs have already made the jump to television via the Akimbo service. Video blog directories are also starting to pop up. There is no question that podcasts and vlogs will develop into a widely-used medium of there own. But that doesn't mean they will replace blogs. The written word is still the fastest way to absorb new information. However, because vlogs are much more visibile they may take off far more quickly than blogs did.

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