Vikram Seth Writing Sequel to A Suitable Boy

Posted on July 2, 2009

A Suitable BoyReuters reports that Indian author Vikram Seth is writing a sequel to his novel, A Suitable Boy. A Suitable Boy sold over a million copies. Seth calls the upcoming novel a "jump sequel" because young Lata, the central character in A Suitable Boy, is 75-80 years old in A Suitable Girl.
In A Suitable Boy, the central character is the young and rebellious Lata whose mother attempts to find her a husband.

The family saga is played out in post-independence India, and examines the traditions and political and religious upheavals of the time.

In A Suitable Girl, Lata is 75-80 years old and looking for a wife for her grandson, "whether he is thinking about it or not," Seth said.

"That allows me in a sense to bring a whole lot of post-independence history to bear on the novel. It allows me to live in the present.

Fans of the first novel will be waiting a while for the sequel. The book has a target release date of 2013, which will be 20 years after A Suitable Boy was published. The BBC, New York Times and Times of India also have stories about Vikram Seth's sequel.

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