Underneath Their Robes Disappears After Blogger Named

Posted on November 15, 2005

The Underneath Their Robes blog, which posted judicial gossip and humor, has gone offline after the anonymous blogger called Article III Groupie (A3G for short) was identified in a recent New Yorker article.

David Lat is a U.S. attorney based in Newark. He tells the New Yorker, "The blog really reflects two aspects of my personality. I am very interested in serious legal issues as well as in fun and frivolous and gossipy issues. I can go from the Harvard Law Review to Us Weekly very quickly."

The blog was then removed by late Monday afternoon according to the article. The Legal Reader notes that the story is "lighting up the blawgosphere" as bloggers discuss what happened, whether or not Lat will keep his job and if and when Underneath Their Robes will return. Legal Underground says the blog can still be read at Bloglines.

Update: The UTR blog is back online.

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