Trendy New Job: Blog Editor

Posted on April 22, 2006 includes the position of Blog Editor is an article about seven trendy jobs.

Blog editor: I blog, you blog, we all blog apparently, judging from the proliferation of blogs in the past two years. The success of influential ones like has companies wanting in on the perceived edginess of the blogosphere.

"Blogging" is not only starting to creep into people's job descriptions, but recruiters are starting to see blog-related job listings.

One on seeks a blog editor "to manage and moderate blogs for clients and to write for the company blog on PR and new media topics."

A "blog editor" job search on does bring up two results but the positions are not actually called Blog Editor positions. A search for blogging shows 49 results. Indeed and Hired also have some results for a "blog editor" search. It is likely that many "blog editor" positions are simply being listed as editor by many employers and many editors working for newspapers are probably being asked to edit blog content in addition to their regular workload. BlogMedia also has a site that posts blog-related job listings.

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