Tom Wolfe Gives a History Lesson

Posted on January 30, 2005

In today's New York Times, bestselling author and social commentator Tom Wolfe gives readers a history lesson about how the Monroe Doctrine and nation-building are alive and well in American politics. Declaring President Bush's statements during his inaugural address as the fourth corollary to the Monroe Doctrine, Wolfe takes readers through the history of America's adventures reforming other country's governments. Wolfe never comes out and says flat out whether he thinks this is a good or bad idea, but careful readers can easily ascertain his opinion. Wolfe, who will be 74 on March 2nd, wields his pen--or is that a scalpel?--with as much skill as ever; his prose is always a joy to read. And anyone who aspires to be an essayist, regardless of his political persuasions, would do well to read the piece.

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