Time Redesign Includes New Blog Covering Top Stories

Posted on January 8, 2007

The AgTime.com has launched a major redesign that includes the launch of a new blog called The Ag, which is short for the Aggregator. The blog, which will summarize the top news stories, is written by Matthew Yeomans.

Time says, "The Ag is the work of Time's Matthew Yeomans, an early-rising journalist based in Cardiff, Wales. Yeomans scours his bookmarks and RSS feeds every weekday morning and writes a digested version of the best stories from hundreds of the world's great newspapers and blogs, giving you all the news you need to read without reading all the news.

Yeomans also blogs at Gastrokid and Blogging4Business. Each entry on the Ag blog includes social media buttons. The concept behind The Ag blog is similar to USA Today's On Deadline blog that covers breaking news and top stories. With the launch of The Ag Time now publishes eleven blogs including Tuned In, The Middle East Blog, Swampland and Global Health.

Time's not the only mainstream media company that wants to become more bloggy. The Wall Street Journal also wants to become more blog-like and may even launch a social networking type of feature -- details in this interview with Bill Grueskin, managing editor of WSJ.com and blogosphere fan.

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