Tim Tebow and Bronco's Overtime Win Sets Tweets Per Second Sports Record

Posted on January 9, 2012

Tim Tebow and the Bronco's overtime playoff win helped set a new sports Tweet per second record. The Bronco's overrated quarterback Tim Tebow completed an 80-yard pass on the first play of overtime to win the game. The play generated 9420 tweets per second - the second highest number in Twitter history according to a tweet by Twitter.

Here are the top eleven TPS events:

  1. 25,088 TPS: Castle in the Sky anime movie airs in Japan (12-9-11)
  2. 9,420 TPS: Tim Tebow overtime touchdown pass in playoff game (1-8-12)
  3. 8,868 TPS: Beyonce/MTV VMAs (8-28-11)
  4. 7.671 TPS: Troy Davis executed (9-20-11-)
  5. 7,196 TPS: Japan Beats US in Women's World Cup (7-17-11)
  6. 7,166 TPS: Brazil eliminated from Copa America (7-17-11)
  7. 7,064 TPS: Steve Jobs resigns (8-25-11)
  8. 6,939 TPS: New Year's Eve 2011 (12-31-10)
  9. 6,436 TPS: BET Awards Viewer's Choice Award Mixup (6-27-11)
  10. 6,303 TPS: Barcelona defeated Manchester (5-28-11)
  11. 6,049 TPS: Steve Jobs death (10-5-11)

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