Technorati Adds Filter by Authority Slider

Posted on February 14, 2006

Technorati has added a filter by authority slider. The slider lets people determine which blogs will show up in the search results. Authority is determined by inbound links to the blog -- the more links a blog has from other blogs the more authority it has. Keeping the slider setting on the far left keeps all the blogs in your search results. As you move the slider to the you start eliminating blogs from your search results. Moving the slider all the way to the right will eliminate most blogs from your search results and only display blogs that have hundreds of inbound links. The filter has the following four settings:

  1. Any Authority: This will show all results.
  2. A Little Authority: This will show results from blogs with at least one link.
  3. Some Authority: This will show results from blogs with a handful of links.
  4. A Lot of Authority: This will show results from blogs with hundreds of links.
This option may help to eliminate splogs from searches since most splogs (so far) have very few inbound links. Using the 2nd, 3rd or 4th setting will help eliminate splogs from your search. Unfortunately, you might also remove some good new blogs from your search as well since it can take some time for new blogs to gather inbound links. David Sifry, the CEO and founder of Technorati, discusses the authority slider in his latest State of the Blogosphere post.

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