Stephenie Meyer: I'm a Little Burned Out On Vampires

Posted on November 16, 2009

Stephenie Meyer appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show in a surprise move. She hasn't done any interviews in over a year, but she said she was so thrilled with what director Chris Weitz did with New Moon that she wanted to come out and support him. Stephenie said that she is a little bit burned out on vampires for now, when asked by the show's staff if she was going to write another Twilight book. She didn't really answer the question except to say that she might write another book. But no promises.

Oprah asked her what Rob Pattinson smells like (no doubt because of the tabloid stores about his lack of personal hygiene) and Stephenie revealed that New Moon originally had a different ending.

About the ending she said, "There was a different ending to 'New Moon.' Originally it was much quieter [and took place] in Bella's head."

As for how Pattinson smells Meyer said, "He smells great. Rob is hilarious. He is the funniest person. He's not at all like the Edward character. He's so different. He just doesn't look like anyone else, in a good way. He's very striking looking."

We are glad Rob doesn't smell bad. He is probably dying from questions like this being asked about him on national television. Stephenie also said that Rob is very funny in person, and is nothing like the brooding Edward Cullen. She also said that her next book may be a sequel to her alien body-snatching tale, The Host.

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