Stephen Colbert Wants $700 Million From Google

Posted on October 17, 2006

Stephen Colbert is excited about Google's recent acquisition of YouTube because he believes a big check is coming his way. Colbert said on his show that if, "You put my name into YouTube you pull up more than 2,600 videos. That's gotta be like a third of all their videos. That means that I've got $500 million coming to me." Colbert then showed four times he had mentioned YouTube on the show and charged Google $50 million for each mention. In the end Colbert came up with a total of $700 million. Colbert does have thousands of videos on

Stephen Colbert also managed to get George Lucas to appear on the Colbert Report for the announcement of the winner to his Green Screen contest. In case you missed it, Colbert created a video of himself fighting with a lightsaber in front of a green screen and then challenged amateur filmmakers to do something creative with it. As TV Squad explains, George Lucas himself made a surprise appearance on the show as one of the contestants.

Last night, Stephen Colbert finally announced the winner of his Green Screen Challenge (which was not a contest). The competition had finally boiled down to two finalists... Bonnie R. and some random guy named George L.

Yes. Yes. George freakin' Lucas made an appearance on the show to present his green screen entry. The man whipped out the big guns from LucasFilm and created a hilarious clip... complete with Jar Jar Binks interaction! I can safely say that's the first time I've ever laughed at Jar Jar.

You can also see the video with Colbert and George Lucas here on

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