Ben Cohen and Media Out Loud Launch StandUp Magazine

Posted on September 26, 2012

Ben Cohen Worldwide and Media Out Loud have launched StandUp magazine. The quarterly magazine will cover sports culture. The print magazine will also highlight the positive stories and social impact of sports men and women. Eric Carlyle and Patrick Davis will serve as co-publishers of the magazine.

The magazine will debut with the November/December 2012 issue, which features Ben Cohen, MBE, a rugby World Cup champion. A share of profits from the venture will support the work of the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation, tat foundation dedicated to anti-bullying and removing homophobia from sports.

Cohen said in a statement, "It is time to celebrate a return to true sportsmanship and the spirit of fairness at its core. As sports role models, we have an incredible opportunity with StandUp Magazine to set an example for character in action, welcoming all to sports and creating good on and off the field."

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