Sony to Launch Wifi Ebook Reader in UK

Posted on July 31, 2009

The ebook reader wars are heating up. Sony is planning on releasing a new version of its ebook which will include WiFi access. The device is reportedly being released in September just before the Kindle is launched in the U.K.

The Bookseller is breaking the story abut publishers are not speaking publicly because of non-disclosure agrements. Sony also isn't commenting.

A flurry of reports about a possible new device has also broken out online, after a US chain store manager revealed that a new Reader was being planned for autumn release with "wifi, [a] bigger screen, and more memory".


The Bookseller reported last week that a UK version of the Amazon Kindle e-book reader is now widely expected this autumn. Publishers suggested that the US-based retailer was actively planning an October launch for the device.

The Financial Times reported that Apple is launching a new tablet in early 2010, which will compete with the Kindle and that Apple is readying its own online bookstore inside iTunes.

It is clear that there will be plenty of devices available. Soon we will see how big the consumer demand is for these new electronic readers.

You can find out more about the latest devices for reading electronic books in our ebook readers section.

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