Sharyn McCrumb and the NASCAR Drivers

Posted on February 1, 2005

The Roanoke Times interviewed bestselling author Sharyn McCrumb whose latest book project had New York editors reaching for their smelling salts. Yes, the author of the popular Elizabeth MacPherson mysteries and the "Ballad" series set in Appalachia, has a new book out called St. Dale (Kensington) -- it's a remake of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales set in the modern-day world of NASCAR racing. Yes, you heard correctly -- and the early buzz is that McCrumb does a good job of illustrating the hero worship of celebrities that some people use to find meaning in their lives.

McCrumb, who didn't know a thing about race car driving until she saw the impact of Dale Earnhardt's death on his multitudes of fans, had to overcome quite a bit of reluctance from racing insiders. But she persevered and her tale of a motley crew of people who make an epic journey to commemorate the death of Dale Earnhardt is on bookshelves now.

Ms. McCrumb told the Roanoke Times, "In every book, I've tried to combat stereotypes about the South, and motor sports is the most maligned of them all. My least favorite genre has always been, 'Let's make fun of the poor people.'"

Note: The link to Roanoke Times interview is no longer available.

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