Ron Howard Says Dan Brown Finished Writing The Solomon Key

Posted on February 13, 2009

Director Ron Howard said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that Dan Brown had finished writing the third Robert Langdon novel. However, Reuters reports that a Doubleday spokesperson would only say that Brown is "making great progress."

Celebrity television show "Entertainment Tonight" said movie director Ron Howard told the program in an interview that Brown has completed his third book based on the fictional, mystery-solving Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon. Howard made the 2006 film adaptation of "The Da Vinci Code" with Tom Hanks playing Langdon.

But late in the day, a spokeswoman for Brown's publisher Doubleday, would say only that Brown "is making great progress," stopping short of a full confirmation or denial.

"We do not yet have a title or publication date to share," added spokeswoman Suzanne Herz. Doubleday is a unit of Bertelsmann AG.

We look forward to reading The Solomon Key whenever it becomes available. It has been over five years since The Da Vinci Code was released. In the meantime there's Angels & Demons which will be in theatres this May.

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