Podcasting Will Explode Once Music Rights are Granted

Posted on July 16, 2005

This Associated Press article explains that major media companies are quickly trying to grab podcasting real estate because they don't want to miss out like they did with blogs.

Everyone from Disney to Newsweek to National Public Radio is now offering podcasts, and Apple Computer, Inc. last month made it a whole lot easier to find them and download them to iPods.

While profits remain elusive, there's a bigger prize out there the company that manages to become the go-to Web site for podcasts could gain enough leverage to strike favorable deals with proven content providers, and generate cash by charging for subscriptions and advertising.

In addition to Apple's iTunes addition of podcasts the article also mentions podcast tools like Podcastalley.com and Odeo. But the most important news in the article was that NPR and radio stations are negotiating right now with music companies for podcasting rights. Ruth Seymour, KCRW's general manager, told the AP that podcasting will explode once the music companies grant podcasting rights:
She is eager for such a deal. Without one, KCRW is prevented from recording podcasts for shows that include music. That means fans of the popular "Morning Becomes Eclectic" must wait until music rights are obtained.

"The explosion for podcasting hasn't happened yet," said Seymour. "It takes off the second that someone gets the music rights."

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