Plurks Let's Users Mute Unwanted Plurks

Posted on June 10, 2008

Plurk - the microblogging service that is gainging popularity for its easy to follow discussion threads and horizontal timeline - has given its users the ability to mute discussions. The feature was added after a short period of downtime earlier this evening. The way Plurk is a designed a busy thread can constantly burble up - possibly annoying a user that was not at all interested in the thread's topic. Plurk's blog says the mute feature was one of the most requested topics. They are also promising more noise-reducing features in the future.

One of the most requested feature from plurkers is the ability to 'mute' certain plurks so that they won't receive any future 'new response' notifications from it.

Well, be careful of what you wish for.

This will be one of the many more noise-reducing features we will be introducing in near future.

Keep the feedbacks coming and thanks for helping us make plurk-land a better place to hang out.

Now you can happily mute any plurks that are annoying you.

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