Photo Agencies Pursue Perez Hilton

Posted on November 18, 2006 reports that Splash, a paprazzi agency, is the latest photography agency to take complaints that Perez Hilton is illegally copying photos one step farther.

In a letter drafted by L.A. law firm Makarem & Associates, Hilton was ordered to remove exclusive photos of Britney Spears holding her baby Jayden James, taken in Louisiana by Splash snappers Aaron St-Clair and Steve Dennett.

The legal move by Splash, one of the biggest paparazzi agencies in the world, comes just weeks after a photographer from FilmMagic confronted Hilton at a Hollywood event about pilfering his photos.

A defensive Hilton snapped at the photographer: "Nobody contacted me to take it down, so shut the f**k up!"

FilmMagic and sister agency WireImage are owned by MediaVast Inc.

Splash handed Perez a cease-and-desist letter at local Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf cafe. You can even see the video of Perez receiving the cease-and-desist letter here on YouTube. The article says X-17 and Toronto-based LDP Images have also warned Perez Hilton about posting copyrighted photos on his blog. A post on Jossip said VH1 has passed on a Hilton show. Jossip writes, "we hear the celeb blogger's reality show recently got the shaken head from VH1. And, from what we understand, VH1 isn't the first network to say no to the production."

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