Paul Haggis and The Last Kiss

Posted on September 11, 2006

Paul Haggis, who won back to back screenwriting Oscars for Million Dollar Baby and Crash discusses his new film, The Last Kiss, which stars Zach Braff, and what it's like to be recognized by fans.

Paul Haggis was the toast of Hollywood this year, yet the Oscar-winning screenwriter is still fascinated by the idea that things can go sour at any minute. "Life just keeps kicking your ass," he said in an interview at the Toronto International Film Festival. "None of us has figured this thing out." Haggis explores that idea in The Last Kiss, which has its world premiere at this year's [Toronto Film] festival.

Based on an Italian movie by director Gabriele Muccino, the film stars Zach Braff (Scrubs) as an expectant father who becomes disillusioned by the idea that there are no more surprises left in his life. "I like the fact that we keep thinking we know that we've got these things figured out," said Haggis, who wrote the screenplay. "We set milestones for ourselves. We say 'At 30, I'll have figured it out'... and then you get to 30 and you go 'Hold on, when is it going to happen?'...and then you get to 35 and 40. I enjoy playing with that."


Since Crash, however - and a guest spot on the TV show Entourage - he's found he has to deal with a new phenomenon: being recognized. "It's a little spooky," he said. "I really like it....It's just a little spooky when it happens." After the festival, he'll be feted in his hometown of London, Ontario. Said Haggis: "I'm going back to every school I was ever kicked out of."

That's how you know you're a famous screenwriter: when fans actually recognize you on the street and ask for an autograph. It's not "Paris Hilton arrested for DUI on the way to get an In-and-Out Burger while the paparrazzi film the entire thing" famous, but for screenwriters -- that's famous.

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