Path to 911 Blog Returns

Posted on September 10, 2006

Path to 911 Blog

The blog for ABC's extremely controversial and erroneous Path to 911 miniseries has returned. The blog was removed earlier this week when it was barraged with complaints about the numerous factual errors contained in the film.

The film is being called a propaganda film for the Bush administration because of the film's links to a right-wing network. Some of the errors in the film are listed here.

The Path to 911 blog hasn't been updated since September 2nd but it is back online and appears to be taking new comments. Blogs have also launched like the Open Letter to ABC: Don't Airbrush 9/11, which are highly critical of the film. Other bloggers are planning an ABC/Disney boycott if ABC airs the docudrama, which seems very likely. Despite the ongoing controversy ABC is planning on airing The Path to 9/11 tonight with few edits.

Photo: ABC

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