Paris Hilton Spotted With MySpace CEO

Posted on August 9, 2008

TechCrunch is sounding more like GossipCrunch this morning as they report news that Paris Hilton has been spotted hanging out with MySpace cofounder and CEO Chris DeWolfe. TMZTechCrunch also says a source tells them the two are dating. That's possible but it could also be that Paris Hilton is just nagging DeWolfe for some extra security for her private MySpace photos that always seem to get exposed.

TechPerezHiltonCrunch writes that "This is a brilliant marketing move for MySpace (or for Hilton?)." That would be MySpace because Paris doesn't need the help of a MySpace CEO to keep her celebrity star alive. She's doing quite well on her own and keeping Funny or Die alive along the way. Wired says her recent "Paris for President" has struck viral gold with over 6.2 million views already. Here's hoping she does a series of these videos because the first one was pretty funny.

Back to whether the two are actually dating - Celebuzz blogs that Paris Hilton's #1 friend on MySpace is MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe. However, they are just being cute. If you look at Paris Hilton's MySpace page< her #1 friend is actually Benji Madden - her supposed boyfriend. So Paris Hilton is either not dating DeWolfe or Benji is about to get really hurt.

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