Oprah Blogs About New Diet

Posted on May 27, 2008

Talk show sensation Oprah Winfrey is blogging about a strict new vegan diet she has embarked on. The diet will span a total of 21-days. You can find Oprah's blog here. There are no comments on the blog but there is a link on the blog to a "Talk With Others" section.

Here's an excerpt from Oprah's latest post.

This morning started with an egg-less quiche. I thought I wouldn't be able to handle it, but it was actually okay. I'm not rushing to the breakfast table, but the caramelized onions made it almost tasty.

Lunch was delicious lentil soup and some lovely lettuce leaves and shredded cucumber.

Dinner...mmmmmm good. Asparagus "cream" soup, portobello mushrooms, white beans and spinach and sweet potato chips. A feast!

Oprah was inspired by a book called Quantum Wellness to start the 21-day diet and blog. The diet also includes a caffeine fast. No caffeine is harsh. It doesn't sound like a diet that many bloggers could stick to.

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