Odd NYTimes Article About Technorati

Posted on October 16, 2006

Hey, has anyone heard about this cool blog search called Technorati? The New York Times writes as if the blog search engine is new to them.

"A year ago, brands were saying, 'Oh no, not the blogosphere,'" said Peter Hirshberg, chief executive of Technorati, a blog-tracking service that last week, in partnership with Edelman, provided results of a global survey of blog use. "Now they're saying, 'Great, this is an opportunity.'"
The Times piece also calls Peter Hirshberg the chief executive of Technorati. Peter Hirshberg, who has a blog here, is the Chairman on Technorati's Board of Directors but David Sifry is still the CEO according to Technorati's management page. Technorati's Daily Vlog also calls Sifry the CEO in the latest vlog entry. The Times also has Technorati's blog count at 55 million, which is 5 million larger than the last State of the Blogosphere.

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