No Conscience Award For Judith Miller

Posted on August 5, 2005

Jailed New York Times reporter Judith Miller has been eating prison food while her husband cavorted on a luxury cruise (when they bought the tickets they didn't realize she'd be doing time and unable to go). That had to have been a bummer. But it gets worse. Editor and Publisher reports that the American Society of Journalists and Authors ("ASJA") voted unanimously not to endorse its earlier decision to give Miller a Conscience in Media award for going to jail to protect her sources in the Plamegate scandal.

E&P says ASJA group's president, Jack El-Hai posted two other reasons for the unanimous vote:

Rumors are swirling in Washington that the reason that Miller won't name her source in Plamegate is because she doesn't have one: that she is actually the person that told Karl Rove that Valerie Plame was a CIA agent. But that's just a rumor. Unless Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald gets an indictment from the Grand Jury and then a criminal trial, we may never know who Miller's source was. In any event, she's not having a great summer, that's for sure.

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