Next Bond Move is Casino Royale

Posted on February 4, 2005

BBC reports that the next Bond movie will be Casino Royale, following the plot of the first James Bond novel written by Ian Fleming. Many aficionados of the original spy novels felt that the films had become to gimmicky and silly, straying far from the books tight plots and tortured hero, and that Pierce Brosnan had brought some new life into the films. But now Brosnan is out, and the search is on for a new 007. Apparently, the producers asked Brosnan to come back for one more film, then un-invited him, which seems quite rude.

Quentin Tarantino was keen to direct Casino Royale and had Brosnan's backing. But none of that panned out, more's the pity. Martin Campbell, who directed the worldwide flop, Beyond Borders starring Clive Owen and Angelina Jolie is now slated to direct, which is somewhat unsettling. At least Tarantino can handle action and his films are never boring. Current names being bandied about to play He of the Shaken But Not Stirred Martini are Scottish actor Dougray Scott, Oscar nominee Clive Owen and Australian star Hugh Jackman. Personally, we're rooting for Hugh Jackman.

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