New York Times Closing Down City Room Blog

Posted on October 26, 2015

The New York Times is closing down its blog called City Room. The blog was launched to cover New York City and its five boroughs in 2007. Since then City Room has published over 20,000 posts and generated 425,000 reader comments.

A post on the now defunct blog says the reasons behind the closure are "mostly boring journalism-business stuff."

Wendell Jamieson, a former editor of City Room, says, "So City Room, per se, goes away. But all the benefits, all the sense of speed and fun and smarts - those will live on in new forms as we move through the digital, social age."

The Times has been consolidating or closing some of its blogs. A Poynter story from last year said about half of the New York Times' blogs would be closing or merging.

In the City Room closing post it says the Times had about 80 blogs at its peak: "In 2007, blogs were the wave of the future. At its blogmaniacal peak, The Times had about 80 of them."

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