Myspace Delays Announcing Relaunch Plans

Posted on September 19, 2011

The Wall Street Journal reports that Specific Media LLC and Justin Timberlake have delayed their announcement about how they plan to revamp MySpace. Specific Media acquired the site, which was once a social star, in June. The company's plans for MySpace will now be announced at the Advertising Week conference in New York in October.

We expect MySpace will get rid of its awful logo with the underline. They will also probably need to launch a button of some kind, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and all the competition have. Publishers are running out of space for buttons so it is not clear how effective a MySpace button would be.

The traffic to MySpace is still a healthy 33.1 million unique visitors. That was the figure in August according to ComScore. It is a big drop of 44% from August 2010.

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