MySpace Acquires Photobucket for Rumored $250 Million

Posted on May 8, 2007

Valleyway broke the news that MySpace would be acquiring Photobucket. The acquisition price rumor is $250 million. The acquisition follows a series of squabbles between the two companies over MySpace blocking Photobucket's video widgets. There won't be any more widget blocking since Photobucket's widgets are now MySpace's widgets.

There's still no press release about the deal on Photobucket's press section. The latest press release is about the addition of some Snap links. Steve O'Hear says the deal makes perfect sense for both parties. The only downside might be if some of the Photobucket users decide they don't want MySpace hosting their images/videos for some reason but as long as the service remains the same there should be little reason to anticipate much MySpace/Photobucket abandonment. You can many more posts about this here on Techmeme. It would be really funny if the new company would call themselves MyBucket but that's highly unlikely.

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