MingleNow: A Place For Barflys

Posted on October 30, 2006

VentureBeat reports on a new social network launching later today called MingleNow. The site will let people who like bars and clubbing make online connections.

Only MingleNow goes further. It wants to give people hanging out at bars and restaurants ways to interact with each other online too. If you frequent a bar, for example, you can put your profile up on the bar's page within MingleNow, share stories about the bar, and see the profiles of others who frequent that bar - getting a glimpse of the personal details of someone you might have flirted with
The site also offers social calendars, profiles, blogs and maps. But here's the best part for barflys -- earn VIP points and redeem them for free drinks!
MingleNow also allows you to earn VIP points. You get points by inviting others to join MingleNow, and you can redeem the points offline, with free drinks at bars, for example. Bar owners see it as a way of reaching out to new potential customers, and letting them know about promotions.
Mashable says MingleNow has a feature called a clink, which is a "special photo-sharing section where two or more members post an image of of themselves having a beer together." Clinks and free drinks should be popular with the clubbing crowd. VentureBeat says MingleNow is building a page for every bar and restaurant in the country so you should be able to look up a bar or club and see some of the people who frequent the establishment (the regulars) before you go. MingleNow could also eventually add pages to connect the bands and comedians who perform at these clubs.

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