Mike Cassidy Linkbaits Robert Scoble

Posted on December 8, 2006

Mike Cassidy posted the linkbait headline "That Robert Scoble is a Rascal" after reading Robert Scoble's post full of blogging tips for Mike Cassidy. Linking to other bloggers was one of Scoble's tips and Cassidy quickly put it to use. Cassidy had called Robert Scoble for an interview and Scoble ended up blogging about Cassidy.

I've been scooped before, but not like this. I call Robert Scoble to interview him for a column I'm writing on blogging and I end up being the story - a story that's posted before I'm even back from lunch.

Seriously, Scoble who rose to fame as a Microsoft blogger and now works on video podcasting at PodTech.net, is a nice guy who was gentle in his criticism and constructive in his advice. And he asked if could write about me on his Scobleizer blog.

(Hey, I call to him to say I'm attention starved and he asks if he can write about me. Of course, I said yes.)

Scoble's post has some good suggestions for journalists launching blogs including use more media (graphics, videos, etc), link to other bloggers, use bullets and numbers and hold a contest. Unlike Scoble we like the Loose Ends name for Mike Cassidy's blog but it could be expanded to Silicon Valley Loose Ends to help with search engines.

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