Metacafe Sold For $200 Million

Posted on December 7, 2006

Ynetnews reports that Metacafe, a video sharing website, has been sold for $200 million. Ynetnews also says that Metacafe has 17 million users and 450 million video clips.

Metacafe's headquarters are in Tel Aviv and Palo Alto, California. The company employs 40 people.

Metacafe is one of the largest video-sharing sites on the Web. Every month about 17 million users enter the site and watch more the 450 million video clips uploaded by the users themselves. The Tel Aviv-based company is considered a direct competitor of YouTube, which was sold to Google for USD 1.65 billion.

TechCrunch points to this speculative post by Fred Destin that the buyer may be Yahoo. Metacafe is a very active video sharing site. A press release on Metacafe's website says they were the third video broadcasting site in the world behind YouTube and Google Video according to October 2006 data from Comscore. They also have a producer rewards program that claims at least ten producers have earned over $5,000.

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