SNL Cold Open: Mitt Romney Wants to Be Known as the Cat Neutering President

Posted on April 9, 2012

In the cold open for Saturday Night Live, CPAN ran the best clips of Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney's recent campaign speeches made to various groups across the country. At the ASPCA he laid out the basis of his entire platform, telling the group: "There is one issue on which I will never back down, on which I will never compromise, because it's the core of who I am: cat spaying. It's simply the right thing to do and -- quite frankly -- it's the reason I got into this race. I want to be known as the cat neutering president." He then went to a breakfast at the East Saint Louis, Illinois Chamber of Commerce where he declared his love for the city that even its mayor says is a hellhole. He then heads off to a Role Playing Game convention (he embraces Dungeons and Dragons) and a piercing convention (where he describes his favorite body piercings.) But the best of all was Mitt's way of introducing Saturday Night Live: "Hey New York, let's start the show!" Take a look:

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