Romney Says His Campaign is About the 100 Percent

Posted on September 19, 2012

Mitt Romney said in a video that recently emerged (which was secretly recorded at a fundraiser) - that he believes about 47% of the country will vote for President Obama no matter what. He argued that this is because they are dependent on the government and because they believe they are victims. Romney's secretly recorded speech has caused 47% memes to spread around the Internet.

Romney now says his campaign his about the 100 percent. At a Univision "Meet the Candidates" forum Romney made an attempt to dig out from the 47% gaffe and he did his job to date at addressing poor and middle class voters. Romney said, "My campaign is about the 100 percent of American and I'm concerned about them. I'm concerned about the face that after the past four years life has gotten harder for Americans. More people have fallen into poverty. More people we just learned have had to go on to food stamps. When the president took office 32 million people were on food stamps. Today 47 million are on food stamps. Now, I know I'm not going to get 100% of the vote and my campaign will focus on those people we can bring in to support me, but this is a campaign about helping people who need help and right now the people who are poor in this country need help getting out of poverty. The people in the middle class need help because their incomes have gone down every year for the last four years. Jobs are harder to find. We have 23 million Americans out of work, or stopped looking for work, or underemployed. Half the kids coming out of college aren't able to get jobs or jobs consistent with a college degree. This is a tough time for America and I'm convinced that if take a different course - based upon on my experience - a course that will reignite America's economy you're going to see those numbers change. You're going to see people coming out of poverty. You're going to see incomes rising again in America. That's the course that I think we have to take."

Romney then described the results when he was Governor of Massachusetts as an example of how he can manage the 100%. Take a look:

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