MC Hammer on the Power of Blogging

Posted on February 24, 2006

MC Hammer has started a blog here. In a post called "Art of the Dance" MC Hammer talks about using the power of blogging to connect with others.

The engine and power of the movement is the blog. The blog will allow us to link hand in hand, one to another. Even those who are not Hammer Fans but appreciate blogging's empowerment are welcomed supporters. The blog is our commonality. My goal is to connect with Hammer Fans. Make new Hammer friends and meet with like minds. Those who believe in God, family and community. Through the blog I will eliminate sensationalism. You will have access to my many thoughts and truly get to know me without an intermediate.
The blog includes posts by MC Hammer about baseball, hip hop, music, dancing and religion. Hammer has also released the first video from his new album on Google Video.

MC Hammer can also be found on Twitter. His account is @MCHammer.

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