Marvel Announces New Adult Coloring Books: Star Wars, Women of Power and Doctor Strange

Posted on May 30, 2016

Color Your Own Women of Power Marvel adult coloring book

Marvel has announced a new line of adult coloring books. Two of the three new coloring books will be set in the Star Wars and Doctor Strange universes. The third coloring book, Color Your Own Women of Power, features images of Marvel's leading heroines.

David Gabriel, SVP of sales and marketing for Marvel, says in a statement, "The Adult Coloring Book market has become a pop-culture phenomenon. With Marvel's first wave of Adult Coloring Books, fans added their own personal style to classic Marvel stories- and now, with our latest editions coming this year, fans will be able to bring their personal artistic style to some of Marvel's most recent and epic events."

Color Your Own Doctor Strange Marvel adult coloring book

Color Your Own Women of Power is 120 pages and will cost $9.99. It arrives in September. Color Your Own Doctor Strange and Color Your Own Star Wars will arrive in October.

Color Your Own Star Wars Marvel adult coloring book

Images: Marvel

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