Laura Bush Named 2015 Wonk of the Year

Posted on April 13, 2015

Laura Bush wins 2015 Wonk of the Year award

Laura Bush has won the 2015 Wonk of the Year award. She is the first woman to win the award. Laura Bush is pictured receiving the award. She also spoke at the event.

The annual award is given by American University and the awards event is hosted by Kennedy Political Union (KPU), the student-run lecture series on campus. Former President Bill Clinton and CNN's Anderson Cooper have also won the award.

Laura Bush is Chair of the Women's Initiative at the Bush Institute in Dallas. She oversees three programs including the Afghan Women's Project, First Ladies Initiative and the Women's Initiative Fellowship Program.

KPU director Tyler Bowders said in a statement, "Mrs. Bush's global outreach in addressing issues such as literacy, women's education, and combating HIV/AIDS in Africa. And her domestic commitments to women's health and Head programs, span before, during, and after her role as first lady of the United States."

Photo: American University

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