Large Traffic Jumps for Social Networks Over Past Year

Posted on August 8, 2007

The chart below from a ComScore press release shows the amazing growth some of the largest social networks have achieved over the past twelve months.

Total Unique Visitors (000)
Social Networking Site Jun-06 Jun-07 % Change
MySpace 66,401 114,147 72
Facebook 14,083 52,167 270
Hi5 18,098 28,174 56
Friendster 14,917 24,675 65
Orkut 14,917 24,120 78
Bebo 6,694 18,200 172
Tagged 1,506 13,167 774

The list does not include all the social networks only those selected by ComScore that had over 10 million visits and at least 50 percent growth during the past year and are of particular significance to the North American region.

ComScore credits international growth for the large increases in visitors at these social networks. MySpace clearly remains the leader as far as visitors goes. Facebook showed the most impressive growth and Tagged came out of nowhere to be one of the top sites. Friendster and Orkut are still hanging in there with nearly 25 million monthly visitors each.

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