John Zogby Predicts a Bloggier Tomorrow

Posted on February 9, 2007

The Guardian's Organ Grinder reports that John Zogby, president and CEO of Zogby International, gave some stats on media usage at the WeMedia Miami conference.

  • Only 27% of the public said they were satisfied with the news but 76% of people inside it are satisfied.
  • Only 12% of the public read newspapers but 26% of the industry reads them.
  • 32% of the public get their news from Tv but only 5% of the media does.
  • 40% of the public gets their news form the internet but 60% of the media industry does.
  • Just over half the public said blogs are important but 86% of the media said they are.
  • The Guardian says Zogby also gave a very bloggy prediction of his own:
    He reckons on more and more blogs: "We'll reach a new principle in the democratic experience - one man, one blog."
    The Organ Grinder's WeMedia wrap-up has a lot more summaries and snippets from speakers. A lot of the discussion at WeMedia Miami was about the death of print newspapers and the idea that editors and journalists will still be very much in need even as the format of media gets more digital and social. Craig Newmark, founder of was one of the speakers and Mathew Ingram has a post about Newmark's appreciation of newspapers and editors.

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