Jermaine Jackson to Write Memoir of His Brother Michael

Posted on April 6, 2011

Touchstone, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, has acquired Jermaine Jackson's memoir, You Are Not Alone: Michael: Through a Brother's Eyes. The book will be published this fall.

Jermaine promises fans a close look at the complex heart, mind, and soul of the King of Pop. Simon & Schuster says the book is written as "a full and final understanding of who he was, why he was, and what shaped Michael Jackson."

Jermaine says, "This book commemorates Michael's life. The forthcoming trial of Dr. Murray surrounds Michael's death, but none of us wish for those proceedings to stand as the final word on how he is remembered. We want the world to remember his truth, his legacy, and some wonderful memories we shared as brothers, as a family. We don't want Michael's life to be an eternal mystery. I have read so much about what people claim to know about Michael, and I've heard countless people talk as if they knew him better than his own family. This book's blood is thicker and truer than water. It is about what really happened and who he really was, representing the things he never got the chance to say, based on what we know, based on what he shared."

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