James Patterson Sends $267,000 to Help Indie Bookstores

Posted on February 20, 2014

Indie bookstores around the country are receiving nice checks in the mail this week from author James Patterson. Back in September Patterson announced his program to give away $1 million to help indie bookstores who are struggling. Bookstores just need to write in and explain what they would use the money for. Patterson told Publisher's Weekly that it's very simple to apply. The only requirements is that the applicant represent a viable bookstore and that it have a children's section.

Five months after his announcement, Patterson is sending out checks for the first installment of the program. This week he mailed checks totaling more than $267,000, to 54 bookstores across the country. He also mailed a check to the Northern California Independent Booksellers Association in support of California Bookstore Day. Grants range from $2,000 to $15,000, depending on what the bookstore asked for.

Patterson is very worried about the future of books in America noting that traffic to bookstores is down and children do not read as many books as they used to. He told PW, "I want to really shine a light and draw attention to the fact that this is a tricky time. The government will protect the automobile industry and the banking industry, but not books."

You can read comments from bookstore owners as to what they will do with the money and see a list of the recipients here.

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