James Patterson Has Sold Over 3 Million Ebooks

Posted on June 4, 2011

Hachette Book Group announced that author James Patterson has sold over three million ebooks. Patterson was the first novelist to surpass the one million ebooks sold mark in July, 2010. Hachette says Patterson has now sold over 3 million ebooks. His total ebook sales is 3,035,713 units sold.

David Young, CEO of Hachette Book Group, said, "James Patterson thrills and entertains readers, across all formats and all ages. To surge from 1 to 3 million ebooks sold in such a short period is extraordinary. This growth indicates that Patterson is maximizing the new ways digital can connect him with his readers, be it through ebooks, his major online presence, or the Patterson app."

James Patterson says, "I'm delighted to see that the rise of ebooks means the rise of reading across the board. We're finding more ways to get readers hooked on great books, and nothing could make me happier."

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