Screenwriter Irv Brecher, 93, Offers His Perspective on Writers' Strike

Posted on November 19, 2007

93-year-old screenwriter Irv Brecher (Meet Me In St. Louis, Bye Bye Birdie and many more) offers his perspective on the writers' strike in this video called "Same Old Story."

Irv sits and chair and talks about what the writers' want. He says all we would like is a "little squirt of milk." He says "they won't give a drop."

Irv says he still very angry that residuals were taken away for everything since 1960s. Take a look:

This video was written by Irv Brecher and Nell Scovell, produced by Nell Scovell, and edited & directed by Rodman Flender.

You can view more of Brecher's credits on his IMDB page.

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